About You (Job Brief)

Responsible assisting CCL operation for any Technical issues & Technical projects.

Your Day-to-Day (Job Description)

  • Diagnose / rectificy / advise and repairs the Mechanical jobs as following:-

1) Suspension Noise

2) Engine/Gearbox abnormal noise (During Driving/Idling)

3) Body Noise (During Driving)

4) Car cannot start (Except Battery/Remote/Remote Battery/Petrol)

5) OBD Unable Erase (Engine light ON or Unknown Fault Code)

6) Confirmation Gearbox/Engine Issue (Vehicle cannot move/Jerking/Judder)

7) Confirmation Oil Leak (Found out whole Engine/Gearbox area lot of oil stain and unable to identify which area leak)

8) Confirmation Coolant Leak (Found out radiator/spare tank coolant less and unable to identify which area leak)

9) Or any Mechanical issues within parameters.

  • Repair Windscreen.
  • Responds resolution rate - respond to any Technical issues raised by the Operation team with proposed solutions.
  • Perform Technical jobs assigned by the Job Controller with rework analysis for incident cases.
  • Technical project - assist Technical Manager for special projects.
  • Provide recommendations/advises and effective solutions in the area of technical specialism, with down technical detail to the Inspection team for checking improvement.
  • Update any relevant Technical reports.

Your Know-How (Job Requirements)

  • At least MLVK Level 3 Certified in Automotive Engineering background.
  • Compulsory with valid driving license
  • Minimum 5 years working experience in automotive car repair
  • Additional Foreman background minimum 2 years experience - Automotive After Sales Car Repair skills.
  • Well versed in automotive machinery/equipment operations and diagnostic tools.
  • Proven ability to work within fast-paced and dynamic work environments
  • Independent, Committed, Dynamic, Integrity
  • Committed & passionate
  • Multitasking skills.