About You

You will be responsible for verifying and approving Documents as part of Documentation Team. You will be checking
for completeness of Documents submitted and to ensure that all documentation requirements are met. Your documents
are related to Vehicles and Vehicle Purchases and will be provided through internal processes and/or assigned to you.
To be successful in this role, you should be alert, focused and efficient with time. Ultimately, you will ensure
documents are fit for purpose for the company’s operational needs.

Your Day-to-Day

• Perform day to day tasks and activities including but not limited to verifying documents, approving documents, submitting documents
• Track and maintain document tracking of submissions and document verification.
• Liaise with related departments for Documentation status.
• Check & verify document completion, approve documents, coordinate document submission assigned sources from day to day.
• Liaise and assist with various related departments.
• Create supporting documents, eg. Official letters, for various purposes.
• Support Documentation Team Activities

Your Know-How

• A Diploma qualification or equivalent
• Good command in English & Bahasa Malaysia.
• Familiarity in Microsoft Office applications (Excel).
• Able to work within fast-paced and dynamic work environments.
• Required Skill(s): Word, Excel & Google Web Applications.
• Good interpersonal & communication skills.